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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  February 24, 2013 11:15pm-11:30pm EST

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thanks for staying up with us. i'm scott smith. we have college hoops and golf and spring training. and the unique story of a nationals player making a switch from pitcher to hitter. let's rev our engines first with the daytona 500. the fact we're here 11:15 on a sunday night and the race is over, puts us ahead of last year. the 2012 race will be remembered for the delay on top of delay. a jet dryer inferno and 1:00 a.m. tuesday finish. history set again this year, but for different reasons. daytona we go. danica patrick facing a battle
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that only nine pole sitters have found victory. but she has the pole. few bangups today. lap 33, kyle busch with kasey khane, triggering a nine car pileup involving stewart and harvick. stewart winless in 15 daytona 500s. patrick took the lead, the first woman to do so in this race's history. she kept if for a total of five laps. more bumping on lap 128. nine cars involved in this one. carl edwards is knocked out of the race along with six other ford drivers. down the stretch, jimmie johnson, he was able to coast in, claiming his second 500 win. danica patrick was third on the
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final lap. finished eighth. >> you can't wait for things to happen. you have to race all day long. chevrolet was so good. had me a fast car, and i could stay up front all day long. i had a lot of confidence in the final two laps. i knew how fast this car was. big credit to every at hendrick motor sports. >> at the end of the day, it was all a day for go daddy cars and the crew. they did a nice job in the pits. we stayed basically in the top 10 all day long. so can't really complain about that. i was -- it was nice. calm most of the time. but it got a little exciting. national spring training in florida, only about an hour south of daytona. today while their teammates were playing, five players caught the race. werth, zimmerman, laroche,
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clippard and stamen. the reigning rookie of the year, harper rips one to right. he had two singles and 2ab as. three innings, allowing two hits, one run. rain starts to sprinkle down delaying the game for just over an hour. bottom of the 5th, we resume play. nats down 1-0. sends one to the opposite field. two run homerun. storen in his first experience blew the save. 2-2tie. how about orioles? against the blue jays. top of the 8th, tied at 3. base hit into rightfield. birds, 4-3 lead. later in the inning, base hit and brings home the game
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winning run of the orioles win 5-4. coming up, we switch gears and hit the hardwood. cavaliers trying to snap a two game winning streak. we're back after this. here you go little man. [ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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♪ the one and only, cheerios
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welcome back. college basketball wraps up the regular season in two weeks. virginia's resume likely to make it. first half, they go inside to anderson. all alone for the jam. had 11-points today. virginia up three. later in the first half, virginia turns it over. but fortunately so does georgia tech. anderson on the steal. nice pass inside to mitchell. he gets the lay in. virginia led by 12 at the half.
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in the second half, toby dials one up. mitchell there, he follows with the jam. he had a game high 18 points. virginia pounds georgia tech, 82-54 to improve to 9-5 in sec play. staying in the sec, virginia tech losers of nine in a row hosting florida state today. first half, jumping around, barksdale. rejected in the lane. out to green who sinks his only 3-pointer of the game. led by 2 at the half. second half, florida state rallies. the jam. seminoles cut the deficit to 4. next possession, green drives, pump fake and foul. game high 26 points. virginia tech wins 80-70 for its first win since january 19th.
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women's hoops, maryland looking to avenge a loss to duke on february 11th. second half, maryland trailed by 17. then they come back. shock clock winding down. thomas, nice to hawkins. terrapins slice the deficit down to 8. two plus minutes left. duke up 11. jones knocks in the 3. she had 15. maryland falls to duke, 75-59. it gives the blue devils the acc regular season title. golf, hunter mayhan. after an off line tee shot, makes amends big way there. he defeats holter. faces kutcher, who defeated day in the other semi-finals. using the wedge on the 6 hole with a tail wind. he's staring it down because it's right on the money.
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almost a hole in one. 17th hole, kutcher leading by one. both players, drives down the bunker, his approach landing. beautiful. stopping 4 feet from the hole. he wins, 2-1, to win his first world golf championship. coming up, the story of micah owens. he's ditching the bump for the batter's box. dinner's ready. [ female announcer ] hamburger helper stroganoff. beefy. creamy. stroganoffy. helpers. forty dishes, all delicious. i just finished a bowl of your light chicken pot pie soup
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one of the interesting stories out of florida this spring, micah owens. >> reporter: 6'5" and 200 pounds. now in his seventh big league season, he's attempting to do more than just look the part. the former pitcher is making the switch to hitter and position player. >> been fortunate to be able to have the opportunity to do this, and at this point in my career, just both feet in and see what happens. just enjoy competing, whether -- i've said if i have the ball in my hand or a bat, i'm going to enjoy competing. >> it's quite an adjustment. it's why it's done infrequently. this guy has been a terrific hitter in the big leagues. as a pitcher.
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but when he was hitting as a pitcher, he hit hitter. >> reporter: he has nine career homeruns. fourth in major league baseball among active pitchers, gaining a reputation as baseball's best hitting pitcher. >> micah owings. >> the times he came to pinch hit, we're moving our outfielders back. it's not the typical pitcher coming in to hit. any time your best pinch hitter is also one of your relievers, that's pretty special there, so. >> and i have great competition in that and a couple of guys are in the club house here. there are a lot of good hitting pitchers, but for me it's always been a part of my game, and i've been fortunate and blessed to swing it. >> reporter: he's succeeded at every level. he holds the georgia state high school record for homeruns with 69. but now at age 30, while most are refining their craft, he's
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relearning and embracing the challenge. >> going into it open minded. wide open minded. i'm a strong believer, i feel like i've been nudged in my faith to take this step and path and here i am. grateful for the opportunity and see how it plays out. >> since you know both sides of this, what feels better, a homerun or strikeout? >> reporter: i'd have to say you'd have a strike out a side to equate a homerun. or a perfect game, even on that level. >> thanks for watching. have a great night and a better monday. captions by: caption colorado, llc. (800)775-7838. email:


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